"Company" is missing from the column header in the tasks list

  • 13 January 2022
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Would it be possible to add “Company” as an active column in the settings for the tasks display list ? That would help to organize my tasks and bring clarity in my day to day follow-up.

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4 replies

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Hi @Sebastien, great question! Have you tried adding Related To as a column? i’ll put a screenshot here.



As for why the system uses Related To instead of Company - tasks are meant to be flexible enough to attach to any record types (e.g. People, Opportunities, Companies). So Instead of having a dedicated field for Company, another field for Opportunity, etc, Tasks have Related To, which allows you to link another record of any type.

Let me know if that was clear!

Thank you Michelle !

How do you set-up this ? Currently, “Related to” is linked to the contact name not the company name..

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@Sebastien I see. Unfortunately this would only work if Related To was linked to the company name. :confused: 

There’s not much more I can suggestion, unless you are open to create a custom text field and manually filling it with the company name.

Would it be ok if I turned this thread into an Idea for the product team to look at? There is some valuable feedback here.

Thanks Michelle, there is probably a better way than handling it manually :relaxed: Please inform your product team to see if they can find a solution or an alternative to this. Thanks a lot !