Can't filter leads by missing email?

  • 6 December 2021
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This might be a side-effect of text-fields not being filterable.

But i really need to be able to ‘filter leads by missing email field’ (e.g. for qualification of leads) in the front-end.


How can one achieve this? Seems the only way is the API, extract the full list, then set some custom field on missing email. seems very innefficient.


is there a better way?

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Hey @donbowman, thanks for the post! Unfortunately, you are correct that there is not currently a way to filter on blank fields. But, I happen to know that this feature is included in the scope of work for filtering on text fields. So it is in the works but I don’t have a timeline that I can share. I’ll try to find out more.

Here’s a similar Idea thread - your feedback for this feature has been really helpful so it would be great if you can upvote it. That way I’ll also know to @mention you in any feature announcements.