Can I change the default Activity Type?

  • 13 March 2023
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Can I change the default Activity Type?

We’re using Copper’s task management system quite a bit — but almost none of our activity involves Phone Calls. Yet, Phone Call is the default Activity Type. 

There is nothing in settings—that I’ve seen—that let’s me reorder or pick a default.

Is there anything I can do? 


6 replies

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The default activity type is the last one you used. Have you tried logging an activity and refreshing the page or leave and coming back? It should still be the same activity selected (maybe different per entity type selected, e.g. Opportunity/People), but should remember it nonetheless.

@alex, thank you for a fast response. 

I realize now I wasn’t being precise enough in what I was asking.

My issue isn’t logging activities, but rather when I create a new task. Any and all new tasks seem to default to Phone Call, which makes quick-adding tasks from the Project View a bit slower.



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Interesting, the "to do" is above phone and meeting for us, yours looks to be below it…

Maybe Copper can chime in about this, I'm afraid to disable the "to do" now 😅

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My activities are ordered the same way as @Cecilie. I am playing with ways to use project templates and every time I add a To Do task in a project, it saves it as a phone call. So I have to go back in and change it. This adds a lot of clicks to the process. Also makes it more likely users will use the wrong activity type. 


If anything, it may be better to have the system default to To Do instead and have Phone Calls be an option. 

Can anyone from Copper chime in on this? 

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@jmmc When creating a Task, the default Activity Type is Phone Call. We don’t currently have a way to change this to another Activity Type. If you’re interested in this for the future, I encourage you to leave a vote on this idea thread. And by leaving a vote we’ll also be able to @mention you if we have any updates.

@alex @Cecilie