Can I block a user from importing data?

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Just want to make everything stays clean after I import it. Please let me know if there is a way to do this.


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If you have team and visibility permissions on, please only have administrators import files. Non admins should not import records as they can create duplicates.

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Yup, if you block your team from deleting records then they will also be blocked from importing. To implement this, go to Settings > Customize > Teams and activate team permissions. Create a team with everybody who you don’t want to be able to import.

Then, click View on the team and then Access & Permissions. Uncheck the boxes under the “Delete” column. As soon as this is applied, the folks on that team will not be able to delete or import anything.

Note that if there are any admins in the team you set up, they won’t be blocked by this since they have admin permission.

Hope that helps!