Activity Types: customization & best practices [video]

  • 30 July 2021
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Activity Types: customization & best practices [video]
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Hi Copper Community! Here’s an introduction to Activity Types with some examples and Best Practices.

Note: As of March 2022, Opportunities in the Copper left-hand menu is changing to Pipelines. Click here for more information.


What are Activity Types?


In Copper, an Activity is a history of when and how you contacted a someone. Activities are recorded in the Activity Log of each Lead, Person, Company, and Opportunity and are categorized by Activity Type.


By customizing your Activity Type options, you can understand the volume and breakdown by type for all activities your team is recording in Copper. This will help you understand how your team is engaging with contacts.

The default Activity Types are Emails, Calendar Events (from Google Calendar), Meetings, and Phone Calls.

Each Activity Type can be measured in Reports to provide a breakdown of activity recorded by type, user and time period.

Determining your approach and building off of these default activity types is key to understanding your teams day-to-day efforts.



How to customize Activity Types for your business:


When customizing your Activity Types, think about the following questions:

What are the different channels your business leverages?

  • Does your team leverage social media for prospecting and communicating with customers?

  • Do you attend conferences and events where meetings or other activities take place?

What are the mediums your team uses to interact with contacts?

  • Is your business primarily phone and email based?

  • Does your team conduct in-person meetings?

  • Does your team leverage social media to make posts, send DMs, use LinkedIn Mail, etc.?

Are you looking to measure any specific interactions?

  • Is there a specific step in your sales funnel that is key to record such as demos?

  • Do you want to record additional internal activities like sending a sample to a customer?


By breaking down your business channels and mediums by activity type, you have the ability to gain insight into key activities your team is conducting.


When you’re ready to customize your Activity Types, go to Settings > Customize > Manage Activity Types in the Copper web app. Note, only Admins can edit Activity Types.


Let us know in the comments if this guide is helpful!

1 reply

Great guide team! Thanks for sharing.


I love activity types and the opportunity to customise! Then next thing I would love to be able to do is see all the different activity types ‘performed’ / completed for each or within each contact or lead. That would make the visibility, accountability and learning even more impactful.


Once again thanks for sharing.