What is the difference between Standard and Formula?

  • 20 April 2021
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When I set up a workflow there’s always an option between standard and formula but what is the difference?


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“Standard” means the value will be the exact same every time.  “Formula” lets you add an equation or variable.

Here’s an example for a workflow automation that creates a Task with a Due Date.

  • Standard: if you use Standard, the Due Date will be the same every single time. So if I enter 10/10/2021 as the Due Date, every single Task that gets created will be due on October 10 2021.
  • Formula: if you use Formula, you can set the Due Date based on the day the Task is created. So if my workflow automation creates a Task on April 22 2021, the Due Date will also be April 22 2021. To do this, use the formula CURRENDATE(). To set the Due Date to 10 days later, use the formula DATEADD(CURRENTDATE(),10). I’ve attached a screenshot below.


This will set the Task Due Date to 10 days after the Task was created.


A list of formulas is available here. You can also use custom fields in your formulas.