Team Visibility & Permissions - setting access rules for your organization [video]

  • 22 September 2021
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Team Visibility & Permissions - setting access rules for your organization [video]
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Team Visibility & Permissions allow you to block or enable access to certain areas of Copper for certain groups of users.

Learn more in our video or scroll down to read more!


Note: As of March 2022, Opportunities in the Copper left-hand menu is changing to Pipelines. Click here for more information.


What are Teams?

Teams are groupings of users in Copper. You can use them to apply certain access permissions to groups of users. For example, you might want to enable your Sales Team to view the Sale Pipeline while blocking them from the Partnerships Pipeline.

Here are some common way to group users in Team:

  • By function (e.g. Marketing Team, Sales Team, Executive Team)
  • By users who work together (e.g. a Real estate agent and her assistance might be a Team)
  • By location (e.g. East Coast Team, West Coast Team)


What are Team Managers?

Team managers are users on a Team who can:

  1. Edit the Team visibility settings
  2. Add or remove users from the Team

Keep in mind that admins can always do those items. So if you have a regular user who needs the ability to edit a team, you can make them a Team Manager rather than a full admin.


What should I enable or block?

This will depend on your organization. Generally, our customer organizations take one of two approaches:

  1. Leave everything as open as possible, and block only when necessary
  2. Block everything as much as possible so that users only see items that are relevant to them

Think about which approach would work best for your organization or if you’re somewhere in between. Based on that, you can decide what areas to block or if you even want to activate Team Permissions.

💡Best Practice: Remove your users’ ability to delete records in order to avoid data loss down the line. Your users can contact the admin if something needs to be deleted.


How do I set up Team Visibility & Permissions?

Here are some basic instructions:

  1. Open the Copper web app and go to Settings > Team > Visibility & Permissions (make sure you have admin access)
  2. Click Create New Team and give your team a name.
  3. Click View to open the details for your new Team. Add your users.
  4. Click Access & Visibility to configure the team settings.
  5. When you’re ready, click Activate Team Permissions.

If you’d like to read more in depth about setting up Team Visibility & Permissions, check out this article here.


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1 reply


I’m wondering about if we make a new team, are they access the same database we already have? Is there any possibilities to make a team with separate database in 1 copper account?