Why is my data not showing in my dashboard?

  • 20 April 2021
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I imported my data today but it’s not showing in Reports?


Best answer by Michelle from Copper 30 April 2021, 21:16

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They said the refresh rate is like once per day so are you looking for data that was just imported? Maybe that’s it.

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First, check if you have a filter applied to your Dashboard. If you do, try removing the filter or expanding the filter criteria and seeing how your Dashboard changes.

Aside from the filter, is it possible that you’re looking for data that was populated in the last 24 hours? Currently, it takes roughly 24 hours for Reports system to pull data from your Opportunities, Companies, People, and Leads. If this is the case, check again in a day or so.

If you’ve removed all filters and waited a day and you’re still not able to see your data, please contact our support team using the in-app chat or using this contact form.