How can I track proposals sent?

  • 11 January 2022
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I tried getting some help on this a while back, but nothing came of it and I’m still doing this manually. But new year, new optimism!

I want to track how many proposal get sent / month. And be able to break that down by Month / Q / Year. 

My best idea was to create a custom field on opportunity (Proposal sent) that automatically populates with a DATE when I move it between stages (Proposal → Follow up) in my opportunity pipeline. 

The idea was to count records with proposal sent in certain dates (this month, this Q, this year) but it looks like DATE fields don’t appear either as attributes or as part of the date filter drop down. 

Has anyone tackled an issue like this?

This feels like it should have a very easy solution but I can’t crack it. 

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Hi @brieando, thanks for posting! Have you considered creating an activity type for Proposal Sent and then creating a report for it? Your team would have to log an activity for it (but perhaps they should anyways) but that info could be surfaced into our reporting system.

(Sidenote, if you really don’t want to log a Proposal Sent activity, you could have Zapier do it for you each time an opp moves from Proposal to Follow Up)

I’m going to link our how-to article for activity reporting below. Let me know your thoughts on this suggestion and whether you’d like more specific guidance. :thumbsup: