Nurture your warm relationships with ease using Copper’s new email automation

Nurture your warm relationships with ease using Copper’s new email automation

We have some exciting news for our community 🎉 Teased earlier in our January Product Pulse webinar, the first release of our email automation feature is now live in Copper for all Professional and Business plan customers. Staying on top of your warm relationships is now easier than ever with our new automate a single email functionality as we continue to evolve Copper into your comprehensive relationship platform for engaging customers across the entire journey. You’ll find it under Settings > Automation > Email Automation.

📣 We did an in-depth demo of our automate a single email feature and its relationship with our new forms feature during our latest Coffee with Copper webinar. Watch here

Never miss a crucial touchpoint while nurturing interest with your customers using these key features: 

Gallery of pre-configured options: We make it super simple to get started by providing a gallery of pre-configured options for setting up your email automation based on common relationship-building use cases. It takes under a minute to set up an automation 🚀 You can choose to either set up an automation for contacts you haven’t heard from in a while, or to contacts on a specific saved filtered list (more below). 

Gallery of options

Tie your automated emails to a list: We know many of our customers are actively building and tracking lists of key contacts based on their core workflows in Copper. Now, you can use our automated single email feature to connect with these groups of contacts. This is particularly handy when a list changes dynamically. As a new contact is added to the list, the active automation will try to send them an email within an hour — avoiding any critical gaps in your relationships 👍

👉 How our customers can use this: This new capability pairs really well with our recently released recurring date filter. For example, say you’re tracking important customer milestones like birthdays, anniversaries, or customer-since dates as custom fields on your records and you’d like to celebrate these milestones with your customers. You could create a saved filtered list called “Birthdays today” that’s filtered on recurring dates as of “today” regardless of year. Now you have a list that will update dynamically each day that you can plug into a single email automation to send a “Happy Birthday” email daily to the contacts on the list. These small moments will help keep your relationships warm as your customers move through their journey with your business. 

Send an email to a list of contacts

Send on behalf of a contact owner: When nurturing a relationship with a Contact, you most likely want them to receive the outreach from the team member they’ve already been connected with. Using our new email automation feature, you can choose to have the emails sent on behalf of the Contact Owner, ensuring no customer is left confused or disjointed in their relationship 💕 

👉 How our customers can use this: For example, let’s say your Account Executives are the account owners on your potential customer contacts in Copper. A Copper account owner or admin could set up a “rekindle outreach” on behalf of the account owners to automatically send an email to customers they haven’t heard from in a few weeks to help jump start those relationships without taking time away from the account executives busy working with active prospects. This way you can make sure relationships aren’t going stale, without adding more to your team’s workload.

Choose to Send from the “Contact Owner” instead of the automation owner

Use your own email templates: By leveraging email templates within email automation, you’re able to ensure consistency across all your messaging. 

This is just the start of our vision for email automation in Copper. In the near future, we plan to provide the ability to automate an email series so your relationships can go even further. Stay tuned 👀


Commonly asked questions


Where can I find the email automation tool?

Email automation is located under Settings > Automation > Email Automation. Head there to get started with the gallery of pre-configured options.  

Are the emails sent using Gmail or an email client? 

Copper actually sends automated emails on behalf of your users from their Gmail accounts. This gives your outreach a more personal, targeted feel. A user will be able to find all emails in their sent Gmail folder, and on the Contact profile, as if they sent it themselves. 

Who can set up an email automation? 

At this time, only Account Owners and Admins can set up email automations. If you’d like to send on behalf of a user, you can do this if they are the Contact Owner on a Person record. 

What happens if my email doesn’t send? 

If Copper is unable to send an email to a person on your list, you’ll see messaging in the automation details panel letting you know of any issues - such as a user’s Gmail account isn’t connected, the contact record missing an email address, or a user hitting the daily send limit. Copper will automatically retry each contact each day, up to 3 times. This gives you ample time to correct any issue before we attempt to send the email again.  

Is there a limit on the number of emails that can be sent? 

There is a limit of 500 automated emails that can be sent per day from your company with this feature. This includes emails sent on behalf of the automation owner or the contact owner(s). Additionally, Google limits the number of emails that can be sent daily from an email address. This includes any emails sent from Gmail, Copper or any other app. 

We have more resources in our help center here to give you a hand with setting up your email automations. 

We hope you enjoy this new feature.

Melanie at Copper. 


This looks great! Just looking at the email automation for people from a specific list, I am able to set up email automation for people on a specific stage on a pipeline. 

If it is not possible to just do it for a pipeline stage, would it be possible to set up an automation where people are added to a list if they are sitting at a stage for X amount of days where they could then be part of the email automation? I know that is a bit complicated but excited to find a way to use this automation. 



can we do this for leads as well

Hi folks - both great questions!

@emsteven currently no, it’s not possible to create a People List based on Pipeline stage and then automate an email from that People List. However, we’ve gotten several requests to be able to use this feature as you’ve described - automatically send an email when an opportunity moves to a stage - so we are looking into this!

@jason also no (unfortunately). This feature currently supports Contacts, not Leads. But we are looking to support Leads in the future. I will circle back with an update when we have a timeline. 

Thank you both for the feedback!

If I understand correctly, if this is set up with Account Owner as the touch point person, the email will still send at the specified trigger even if someone else (like accounting) has been in touch with them, correct? Sometimes other teams are in contact with our customer, but we are looking to create that touchpoint with the Account Owner specifically at an specified interval. Thanks in advance. 

Hi @Jodi, the “Rekindle” option shown in Melanie’s example above uses Last Contacted date to determine which Contacts to send an email to, and then uses the “Send From” to determine on whose behalf Copper should send the email.

But the two are not related - as in, we do not check to see if the last contact with the customer was from the Contact Owner. In your scenario, if the Account Owner hadn’t emailed with the customer in 2 weeks, but someone from accounting had emailed with them yesterday, then that customer would not be sent a Rekindle automation email. 

But I think this is a very interesting suggestion - wanting to automate the outreach if a particular user (the Account Owner) hasn’t had any communication with the customer in X period of time. Do I have that right? Are there any other aspects of your desired flow I’m missing there?

@Maggie from Copper We’re also VERY interested in being able to use Stage changes as well as Close Date (and other fields on the Opportunity record) as triggers for automated emails. Thanks for boosting visibility of this request!

can we do this for leads as well

same Question 

@Golan Email Automation for Leads is something we’re considering for a future release. 

I watched the webinar today and understood the functionality of automating emails, but I’m not finding where I can create recurring dates on People records.  I can add a custom field to a record and I can choose a Date type field, but it’s not recurring and it requires the year.  According to the help topic page, I should be seeing Birthday on the bottom of the list of filter options, but I don’t.  Are the steps for this specific topic available?

Hi @michfitkid,

The custom date field itself is not recurring - it still requires that you enter a year. In my demo, I created a custom date field called Birthday, and then for any customers where I don’t know their birth year I put 1900. Then, I able to filter my customers using the new Recurring Date Filter which will ignore year. 

Hope this helps!

– Maggie from Copper

Hey Community!

Wanted to let you all know that we’ve just released two enhancements that are available for all customers using Copper Email Automations – Professional customers automating a single email, and Business customers who can automate a series of emails.

  • For the Rekindle automation, you can select a People List (saved filter) as the trigger
  • For the List automation, you can choose which People on the List (saved filter) should receive the automated emails

I discussed these enhancements during the recent Product Pulse webinar: catch the recap here, and check out the details below 👀


Select a People List (Saved Filter) for your Rekindle automations

From the Gallery, select the Rekindle option:

Gallery of Email Automation templates


🆕 You’ll now see the option to choose a People List (saved filter) as the criteria for the automation: 


Creating a Rekindle Automation


Choose which People should receive the automated emails for your List automations 

From the Gallery, select the List option:

Gallery of Email Automation templates


🆕 You’ll now see the option to choose which People on the List (saved filter) should receive the automated emails:

  • Only new People added moving forward will only send the automated email to the People who enter the list after the automation is saved and activated

  • All People already on the list plus any added moving forward will send the automated email to all People who are already on the list plus any People who enter the list moving forward

Creating a List automation

💡 Looking to use email automations to replace a manual process, such as bulk email? Use the "Only new People added moving forward" option. That way, the people on the list who already received your manual outreach will not receive the automated email.

Stay tuned, we’re working on support for Leads right now!

– Maggie at Copper