November 19th 2021 - Gmail spotlight & Email Sequences to Marketing Tools

November 19th 2021 - Gmail spotlight & Email Sequences to Marketing Tools

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Turn mayhem into magic with Copper’s Gmail spotlight 🔦

The Copper + Google Workspace integration is levelling up, again! That’s right; on the heels of our new Calendar integration, we have new Gmail integration enhancements to add even more organization and contextualization to your noisy inbox. 

Stronger inbox integration supercharges productivity and organization


With the new Copper Gmail spotlight, you can: 

  • See the most important information up front to move a deal forward 
  • Instantly know which email threads are being tracked by Copper and which aren’t, and quickly add them to ensure the full context of your relationships is tracked
  • Discover new influencers and suggested contacts — and add them to Copper with just one click so none of your connections slip through the cracks 
  • Take your inbox and calendar organization to the next level and plan your day right from Gmail

The Gmail spotlight is rolling out to Copper customers over the next few weeks. The feature will appear automatically in your inbox once it’s available.  

Learn more here about how this updated integration works.

Haven’t downloaded the Copper Chrome extension yet? You can get the chrome extension here, and you’ll see the feature as soon as it’s available for you.


Marketing Tools


Email Sequences is now Marketing Tools

We’ve recently re-named the “Email Sequences” section to “Marketing Tools” inside Copper. We’ve also re-named some areas of Marketing Tools as well, with “Campaigns” becoming “Sequences” and “Contacts” becoming “Segments”. To learn more about this name change, and what’s included in Marketing Tools, click here.



  • We've temporarily fixed an authentication bug that prevented some users from having their email and calendar sync with Google Workspace. You may be asked to re-accept permissions the next time you log into Copper. We are working on a permanent solution.
  • We continue to work on the issue where some users are being intermittently logged out of Copper.


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