August 12, 2022 - Automatic mobile contact sync and meeting scheduler sunset

August 12, 2022 - Automatic mobile contact sync and meeting scheduler sunset

This week, we reintroduced automatic contact sync from your mobile device, fixed a few bugs, and introduced additional decimal places in number fields. We will also be sunsetting our meeting scheduler feature on August 31.

Mobile app

We’re reintroducing the option to automatically sync your new device contacts to Copper. This auto-sync will now exclude Google Contacts, as this previously caused duplication for customers who also have our Google Contact sync enabled. This feature will roll out to all users over the next week.

Meeting Scheduler

A few months ago, Copper announced that following Google Calendar’s launch of its appointment scheduling feature, we will be sunsetting our own Meeting Scheduler on August 31, 2022.

We recommend users migrate to Google Calendar’s appointment scheduler, or explore Calendly or Calendar Hero as soon as possible to minimize any disruption. Don’t forget: You may have Copper Meeting Scheduler links embedded in email templates, within your marketing automation flows or on your website.

Bugs & Enhancements

We’ve squashed a few bugs this week:

  • Some users have been experiencing error messages that include “context invalidated” while using our Chrome extension. We’ve fixed a few bugs that should resolve the majority of the errors.

We’ve also made a few small enhancements:

  • We now support up to 17 decimal places in number fields! Previously, we had a limit of 2 decimal places.

Should we be thinking of leaving Savvycal also? since they were not named?


@damian_thompson good question! SavvyCal would still work with Copper, since they integrate with Google Calendar. Any calendar scheduling link that integrates with Google Calendar is a good option.