Email Sequences not sending after workflow automation assigned tag to person

  • 26 January 2024
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I’m using a mixture of Surfe (a plug-in via Linkedin) and using Copper’s CSV bulk import function to add persons to my Copper Database. I then have a Copper workflow automation that when a person’s specific field is updated (which is defined by: “Action can occur any time this type of record is created, or when fields on an existing record are changed from not matching the conditions to matching the conditions”) to match owner, industry, contact type, and capabilities of interest (custom field)


Action 1: Create Opportunity in a pipeline

Action 2: Update Person to append, Standard, “TAG NAME”



The Automation successfully does this pretty quick. 


Then under Marketing Tools > Sequences I have a Sequence set up to send emails the segment matching Contact tag “TAG NAME” to “New people added to the segment”, “Only contacts that have not completed the sequence”, “Stop Campaign if contact Replies”, “ Sending Schedule 24/7”, an unchecked dynamic sender


The “TAG NAME” on the Person in Copper stays but even after a full day or two the email sequence doesn’t register that person as part of the sequence and send the email Sequence as I desire. My current work around is to manually remove the tag on the person, wait 5 minutes, and manually add the tag back to the person. This works about 50% of the time. However, this is not sustainable for what I am trying to do. 

Any ideas on how I can get this working?

2 replies

I don’t know but my guess is because its a Workflow that is updating tbe Tag that system doesn’t recognise as a field change. 

Hey there!


On the 26th of January you sent an email to Markus from the Outfunnel team with a few questions (including this issue) and I’ve replied to that email on Monday this week.


I’ll require some additional information in order to properly troubleshoot the issue and I’ve detailed that information in the email you received.


Please let me know if you can’t find my email and I can resend it and we can take it from there :)


Diana / Customer Success @ Outfunnel