Update webhook with multiple entities

  • 4 February 2024
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In it suggests that multiple entities might be in a single json body, and ‘ids’ is an array.

If e.g. person-1 has field A updated, and person-2 has field B updated, what will be shown in the response?

E.g. below, what wil i see in updated_attributes, will 633516 have 4 entries, e.g. ‘null’, ‘new’, ‘null’,’null’?

how would i figure out which id in the top list corresponds to which entries in the bottom updated dict?

"secret": "secsrc",
"key": "seckey",
"subscription_id": 329052,
"event": "update",
"type": "person",
"ids": [
"updated_attributes": {
"custom_fields": {
"633516": [
"timestamp": "2024-02-04T16:26:03.836Z"


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