Problems with Opportunity Developer API

  • 11 January 2024
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We are using the api to do data migrations and automated updates. I’ve noticed that there is a problem with linking opportunities to company_id and company_name.


When we first imported our opportunities via the upload interface, the opportunities were not linked to primary companies (even though that column was included).

Now I am trying to do ‘PUT’ requests against opportunities to update these two fields (company_id and company_name) but the request is not actually changing the field.

We can update it via the copper app, but we have too many orphaned opportunities at the moment.

Are you able to investigate the API problem? Alternatively are you able to link the opportunities on your side?

Any help is appreciated, thank you.

3 replies

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i think you need this. e.g. relate it, rather than put it

i’m a contrib to this, its what we use.


Thank you, we do in fact use this. It’s an excellent wrapper. (Thanks for your effort!) My mistake was trying to update the opportunity directly rather than relating the records.

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yeah i had a bunch of issues in this area, leading to the add of the relate/unrelate methods.

glad you got it working.