Pandadoc Integration trouble with new List View

  • 1 August 2023
  • 6 replies

Since the new list view was released, the PandaDoc integration bar does not show up in the new views OR when we enter an opportunity from a list view. We have to go to a person or company and then to the opportunity which just adds a bunch of steps. Is this bug being worked on now? Thanks.

6 replies

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Hi @hayley.croteau, thanks for posting and for the heads up. I’ll have the team investigate.

In the meantime - does the integration work as usual if you switch to the old list views?


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Hello and good morning @hayley.croteau! Update from us - we’re working with the PandaDoc team to resolve this for the new list view.

We did find that the integration works once you switch to the old list view. So please give that a try and let me know if that works for you in the meantime. Thanks Hayley!

Hi Michelle, Yes it does work as usual in the old view. thanks!

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That great @hayley.croteau! Glad that you can still use the integration as normal in the meantime. We’ll keep you updated about the PandaDoc integration.

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@Michelle from Copper It looks like the Pandadoc is broken again. When I open up an opportunity if full screen view, the pandadoc side panel doesn’t show up. This is causing a lot of problems at our company.


Any way that we can switch by to the old view for now?

@andrewbermudez yes I have seen this too and have been too busy to report it here. It seems to work in the company and people views but not opportunities. Last time I had to report it to PandaDoc and have them work on the integration - can you message them too?