Google Sheets Extension from Reports

  • 12 October 2023
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I’ve played with the Sheets extension and see it’s abilities are pretty limited as far as search criteria needing to fall under People, Companies, Leads, Opportunities, Projects or Tasks.  While this does allow us to generate some useful data, it doesn’t allow us to run some of the key reports we like to see in the morning that are more Activity driven.  


If Copper can export to Google sheets, it seems the scope is only being narrowed by the extension’s criteria.  Are we working toward the ability to export all Reports from Copper to Sheets?  We’ve created the reports we like to see every morning, but we have to transfer that data manually into a spreadsheet.


For what it’s worth, as a sales manager, I think it’s really helpful to show salespeople how activity counts translate to sales.  This is why we focus a lot on activity reporting. 

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