Cannot update opportunity stage via zapier

  • 7 March 2024
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Hi all


Not sure others have come across this. I am trying to update an opportunity stage using the copper integration in zapier. Specifically I am using the “Update Opportunity By ID” action.

First of all, when I try to specify the “Stage” value under “Action”, I am seeing “No options are available”.

No options found

So instead I am manually inserting the id value of the stage I want to update the opportunity to. When I test the step, I am getting a 500 error and I suspect this is because the stage property is pipeline_stage_id instead of stage_id. The Copper API documentation suggests it should be pipeline_stage_id.

stage_id instead of pipeline_stage_id

Has anyone else come across this, and does anyone know how I can resolve this problem?

Many thanks

See Wah

2 replies

Hi See, I'm facing the same problem right now!! 


Question: Where did you find the ID? 


I have a field for Industry that has 147 options. Do you know how can I find the ID of each option? 

I find looking up select list id very difficult in Copper. I came across this a while ago, but to be honest, now I just use the “inspect element” function in the browser to inspect the DOM structure of the dropdown on a Copper page to figure out!