Calendar Snags and Loading Issues with Copper CRM

  • 17 June 2023
  • 3 replies

Copper is not working…. using chrome browser and google workspace in june 2023 calendar has started to hang and not load for users.  Google tech team conclude it is the Copper for Gmail extension?

Is it us that repeatedly shows copper status as offline and the icon grey?

We are totally invested in google workspace but are being undermined with copper issues 

3 replies

this is a pop up we get:

Copper is currently unavailable.Status

claims to be live online 

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Hi @ProACT Sam! I see you’re currently in a conversation with my colleague RJ about this. He’s absolutely the best technical person the help you with this, so I’ll let you two continue the conversation over chat/email.

Thank you ,

Day 6 of this issue and still we have issues…. google tech team says it is an error with the copper extension for chrome ….. are they wrong