API broken: Search Entities on Custom Text fields

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We use Integromat to build mission critical integrations with Copper.

For some years now we have had a mission critical Integromat scenario which uses the Copper API to return Opportunities which have particular values in a couple of custom fields (of type ‘text’).

As of ~May 1st the Copper API started returning errors for queries on custom fields (of type text) where previously these were executed successfully. The Copper API now returns;

    "success": false,
    "status": 500,
    "message": "Invalid option: "

From initial investigations this morning I’m concluding that the Copper API is no longer allowing entity searches on custom text fields?

So queries like this (which we have been using for a couple of years and are embedded in our mission critical operations) are no longer working!

    "statuses": [
    "page_size": 199,
    "custom_fields": [
            "custom_field_definition_id": 76401,
            "value": "70429"
            "custom_field_definition_id": 76402,
            "value": "00"


I have checked the Copper API ChangeLog and there is nothing documented to suggest this feature has been deprecated.

I have checked the Copper API “Change Policy” and note that, for “breaking changes”, the policy states that “Copper will not make these changes without advance notice, as described below. You can assume that these changes will not be made unexpectedly.”

However, I notice that in the current version of the API documentation under “Custom Fields>Search Entities” the statement “Text fields are not searchable at this point”.

Am I missing something here?

In the meantime, a number of mission critical business operations are dead in the water until we get this resolved.

3 replies

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Hi @Mark! Thanks for posting. This is beyond my scope of knowledge so I’m going to put you in touch with our technical team. You’ll receive an email about it shortly.

Sorry I couldn’t help you directly, but you’ll be in good hands with our tech team :)

Hi Michelle, thanks.

I hope I’m talking to the right person as Customer Enablement Manager.

Can I reiterate that a huge number of our mission critical operations are dependent on this ‘failed’ API. We are currently unable to conduct business and are in a desperate desperate situation.

I logged a separate support call via Copper Chat yesterday at 11:00am local time yesterday. I received a response 6 hours later acknowledging the problem but unable to indicate if or when a fix would be provided.

We have been unable to conduct business now for more than 24 hours.

I have a number of very pressing concerns and would be very very grateful for your assistance;

  1. The issue has been escalated to the Copper Engineering team. Inevitably they will have a number of competing priorities and I need the urgency of this issue to be represented to the team to ensure they are able to prioritise.
  2. I need to understand whether this issue is being worked on. If not I need to build some kind of contingency plan
  3. Copper users need some way of representing the severity of issues when logging support calls. This will help all parties. Your Copper users will be able to highlight “severity” and your team will be able to prioritise responses
  4. Ultimately I need to understand what has happened. Based on the evidence so far this does not look like an API ‘bug’, based on the current version of the API documentation it very much looks like Copper has deprecated this particular capability. This contravenes Copper’s own API Change Policy and Communication Plan (
  5. Ultimately I need to undertstand why it has taken Copper 6 hours to respond to a mission critical support call and why 24 hours later we have no sight of a fix or fix timetable

Kind regards

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Hi @Mark, thank you for your detailed feedback. I absolutely understand that this is critical for your business and I understand your frustration.

I’ve shared your feedback/concerns with our Support team leaders, as well as the relevant folks in engineering and product, and RJ (who is helping you through chat).

RJ will keep you updated in terms of any progress or changes. His team is much better equipped to look at API calls and specific settings on your account.