Won, but still Open?

Is it possible to mark an Opportunity WON, but still have it OPEN? We like the thrill of marking these project as a winners when we land a deal, but would still like to easily keep them and their budgets in our pipeline until we actually get paid. I tried sorting with status as open and won, but that just gives me all opportunities that have either of these statuses. I guess I could also sort by dates, but this has the potential to miss something or bring in unwanted financial data. Thanks for your help.


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Hello, @NXPNW - The opportunity will remain in the pipeline stage it was in before you took the step to move it, but you'll see a 'Lost,' 'Abandoned,' or 'Won' badge attached to it after you drag and drop it. ‘Open’ and ‘Won’ are unfortunately mutually exclusive. An Opp can only be one or the other. I would maybe suggest you create another pipeline stage called ‘Won’ and instead of actually closing an Opp by dragging it to the bottom of the screen just move it to that stage. That will leave it open but you can still report on the value of Opps in that stage. Let me know if this idea gels with you.


Thank you.

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Hey @NXPNW two other suggestions would be to:

1.) Create a checkbox custom field called "Payment Received" and then you'd create a filter within your opportunity pipeline that shows all Open & Won opportunities that do not have the "Payment Received" checked.

From there you can star it to set it as your default pipeline view and should be good to go, simply check the box when Payment is Received to get it removed from your filtered view.

2.) Or rather, simply have the next stage be called "Payment Received" and do the same filter above, but include all Won & Open opportunities in all stages aside from the final "Payment Received" stage. Now simply moving the "Won" opportunity to the "Payment Received" stage will result in it vanishing from that filtered view and you'll have an accurate reflection.

I'd recommend the 2nd option over the first as we often recommend using a "Payment Received" stage anyway as it's a good "Point-In-Time" part of the process.

Hope that helps! 🙌

@alex Thank you for the suggestions. I agree with your suggestion #2 as the best plan. I reluctantly did this to get the view I wanted. Turns out, I actually like this separated process for other reasons too. I am calling it a “projects won” pipeline and have added other stages like “debrief done” and “case-study made”. It’s all a post job process that is easier to manage as a separate pipeline anyway. 


I really appreciate your creative and detailed suggestions. Got me to think about Copper differently in other ways too.

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@NXPNW Ah! Glad to hear, and of course! 🙂

Awesome to see you've come up with the project management (post sale) pipeline idea! It's something that we use ourselves (called Onboarding) and regularly set up for clients.

I do have a couple more recommendations that you can read through here to keep your reporting in-tact though as you might not want to be "moving" the opportunity to the new pipeline, but rather duplicating it, so that way you still get to keep your Sales reporting data.

I've gone into more detail here and also added a couple more suggestions as well if this interests you:

You're getting into a fun area with post job process flows though, that's where you can really start to processize keeping your customer and team up-to-date every step of the way. Very near and dear to our hearts, in-fact, we specifically built an automation tool for the onboarding/project management Copper pipeline side of things.