Why does Copper create another MailChimp Subscriber when updating a contact's email address, instead of updating the existing one?

  • 21 July 2022
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I updated the email address of one of my contacts, and when I checked in MailChimp, Copper created a new subscriber, instead of updating the existing one.

See screenshot below.

This happens using the native Copper+MailChimp integration.

3 replies

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Hi @andrewbermudez! This is happening because the native integration uses a contact’s email address as their unique identifier. So if you change someone’s email address, it will think it’s a new contact.

I’m curious if you are changing your contacts’ email addresses often, and if so why? I’m helping the Product team collect feedback so any detail you can provide would be helpful!

Hi @Michelle from Copper We don’t change emails often, but have to do that about 10-20 times a week. Our business is in the commercial real estate industry and a lot of CRE agents change companies, so we have to update their email addresses to their new ones.


Also a lot of mergers and buyouts happen, so we then have to update their email addresses in those uses cases as well.

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Hi @andrewbermudez 

If this is something that causes a lot of hassle and you’re open to using 3rd-party-integrators, then Outfunnel’s Copper-Mailchimp integration does update the email in Mailchimp when it’s changed in the CRM. (hope this wasn’t overly promotional - it’s just that this kept coming up with our customers so we added this functionality recently, and it seemed relevant here)