Search commands?

  • 30 January 2024
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My use case: I’m simply trying to find an information that I have in a meeting note on copper. To find that information I would like to either have 2 words matching or 1 word mixed with date ranges (more specifically here is older than 2021)

My problem: search doesn’t seem to accept any usual commands from what you would be used to with google or gmail for instance. AND doesn't allow me to search for elements that would contain both words. BEFORE:2021 doesn’t work if I want to search for older notes. Filter has more functionality but there are no fields for notes so the point is moot.

Is there somewhere a list of the recognized commands for Copper Search (wasn’t able to find one) so I have an idea of what I can play with?

And if the answer is none, any idea of when we could have at least the AND/NOT/OR type of boleans and dates for a bit more decent search?





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