One Team Member cannot view an Opportunity

  • 8 November 2021
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One of our team members is unable to view a specific opportunity in the dashboard.  Everyone else on the team can see the opportunity though.  This has happened one other time and in both instances, the opportunity was located in the same state.  I’m not sure that’s relevant, but thought I would include that tidbit anyway.  What would prevent one team member from seeing an opportunity?


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Hi @ronniewoot, it sounds like there are some permissions applied to that opportunity. This can happen either manually (i.e. somebody changed the permissions) or automatically through Team Visibility & Permissions.

Either way, I recommend you take a look at the permissions for that opportunity. Open up its details - there you’ll see a field called Visibility. Hover over it to reveal the Edit button.

There, you’ll see the current setting for the opportunity and you can change it to include your team member.

To prevent confusion in the future, I recommend you take a look at your Team Visibility & Permission settings. Go to Settings > Team > Visibility & Permissions. If you can a Team set up already, click View > Access & Visibility to check the settings. In particular, check if that team member is in a Team already.

Here’s more information on Team Visibility & Permissions.

Let me know if that resolves it!

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Michelle - thanks for the information. I’m not sure it resolves the matter though.  On this opportunity, the Visibility was already set to “Everyone”

this person is on a Team and that Team’s permissions look like this:


We do NOT have the team permissions activated - but I don’t understand how that would matter if the opportunity visibility is set to “Everyone” - any additional guidance would be appreciated!  Thank you!

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@ronniewoot gotcha! Do you know if your colleague has any filters applied to their view? I sometimes get folks comment that an opp has “disappeared” when really it’s been hidden by a filter.

Have your team member set their filter to All Opportunities (top left corner) and let me know if the opportunity shows up. Thanks!


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Michelle - I will have them take a look!  Thanks!

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Michelle - the team member had in fact set a filter, unknowingly.  He was able to get that filter removed and everything is fine now! Thanks so much for your help!!

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@ronniewoot Fantastic, glad we figured it out! And thank you for marking a Best Answer for this topic. Feel free to post any other questions or submit an Idea if you have product suggestion.