Managing Leads & lead scores

  • 20 December 2023
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Hello Copper Team,

We are in the process of implementing lead scoring for our database and looking for best practices on how to do so. Note that when I refer to “Leads” below, I am referring to the function within Copper, whereas “leads” means “individuals who may be interested in our services.”

First, we have not used the Leads function thus far, as our understanding is that it can create duplicates in People. Most of our contacts to date were added through an initial import, plus through the Gmail side bar.

Now we are implementing a webform to capture and add potential leads to Copper, plus we are in the process of creating a newsletter that will be curated based on the individual’s interests.

We plan to do an “opt-in” campaign with the individuals currently in our database, with the intention of getting them to sign up for the newsletter and specify their interests, plus any new website visitors will have the opportunity to sign up as well.

Our questions are as follows:

  1. What is the best way to track where each lead is in our sales funnel? Ideally it would be nice to have a visual way (similar to Pipelines) to quickly see who has made it to the “hot lead” level.
  2. We will implement a Project Inquiry webform and ask all future prospects to make a request that way instead of email. This might include past/current customers who are already in our database. Since Leads will not check to see if there is already an individual with the same email address in People, is there a way to feed the information from the webform directly to People rather than Leads? What about the Identified Visitors via web tracking? Or will we have to indeed use the Leads function for these?

Looking forward to your reply.

2 replies

@Michelle from Copper - following up on this.

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>What is the best way to track where each lead is in our sales funnel?

Will you be using the lead scoring feature that comes with Business plan? Or are you simply looking to use a “Cold, Warm, Hot” type of tag for each Lead or Contact?

Not 100% sure but could workflow automation can move leads in an Opportunity pipeline based on numeric or tag-based lead score?