Leads export doesn't include Company field?

  • 16 November 2023
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I'm trying to export all companies and leads from our system and compare them with a list of new leads we want to import to make sure we don’t have any duplicates.


When I export leads, the Company field doesn’t appear. These are the only columns I get:


First Name Middle Name Last Name Prefix Suffix Title Details Value Currency Converted Value Converted Currency Exchange Rate Account Owned By Owner Id Status Source Street City State Postal Code Country Email Email Type Tags Last Contacted Inactive Days Last Status At Interaction Count Created At Updated At Converted Opportunity Id Converted Contact Id Converted At Phone Number Phone Number Type Phone Number 2 Phone Number 2 Type Phone Number 3 Phone Number 3 Type Phone Number 4 Phone Number 4 Type Social Social Type Social 2 Social 2 Type Social 3 Social 3 Type Social 4 Social 4 Type Social 5 Social 5 Type Social 6 Social 6 Type Social 7 Social 7 Type Social 8 Social 8 Type Social 9 Social 9 Type Social 10 Social 10 Type Social 11 Social 11 Type Social 12 Social 12 Type Social 13 Social 13 Type Social 14 Social 14 Type Social 15 Social 15 Type Website Website Type Website 2 Website 2 Type Website 3 Website 3 Type Website 4 Website 4 Type Website 5 Website 5 Type Service cf_84701 Service Fee Quoted [DEPRECATED] cf_92669 Setup Fee Quoted cf_93010 Value cf_93010 Current Site cf_93949 Yearly Gross Processing cf_94462 Value cf_94462 Service Fee Quoted cf_160970 Code cf_202346 Timezone cf_202354 Copper ID Copper URL


The first thing I thought was that the “Company” field wasn’t actually a field, rather a Lead → Company relationship, but this can’t be true because I have values there that don’t show up when searching my list of companies. 

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