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  • 25 August 2023
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In People, when filtering data, is it possible to include the pipeline the current customer sits in?


3 replies

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Hi @Upsticks Support, thanks for posting! Currently, we’re not able to filter one record (People) based on data stored on another record (Opportunities/Pipelines). If you’re interested in this for the future, I recommend you leave an upvote on this idea thread so that we can notify you with any updates. Thanks Upticks Support!

Thanks - i’ve upvoted. Would it be possible to produce a bespoke report with this information?


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Awesome, thanks @Upsticks Support! You could build a report through our reporting system. Here’s an example of a table with the Person’s Name and their associated Opportunity’s Pipeline and Stage:

To create this exact table, go to the Reports section of Copper (it’s the pie chart icon in the sidebar), under Insights Builder. That box on the left side of the screenshot is the data picker. Find “Person Name” and drag it into the “Rows” area. Then do that same for Opp Pipeline and Opp Stage.

You’ll need to give the table a name and Save it, and then insert it into a Dashboard.

If this is your first time using reports, I recommend you check out this video.

I can also show you how to do it if you join one of my Thursday office hours sessions sometime.

Let me know if that helps :)