How can I export a list of all leads that opened an email?

  • 16 August 2021
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I previously sent a bulk email to a group of leads and I want to send a follow up email to those who opened the email. We recently upgraded and I tried to do this via email sequences but it doesn’t seem possible. Is there a way to do this via filtering or a way to export a list of leads who have opened a specific email (that was sent as a bulk email not a sequence)?

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Hi @Lindsey, you wouldn’t be able to get an export of the opens for that email if it wasn’t sent through Email Sequences. This is because bulk emails are actually treated as individual emails from your Gmail account (this is why they’re beholden to your Gmail sending limits).

The closest you could get is to open the My Tracked Emails section in Copper and filtering by opened emails in the top right corner. You won’t be able to export this list of emails, but this would at least give you some visibility on who opened your emails (including the ones sent with bulk email).

Moving forward, Email Sequences will let you export a list of recipients and whether they opened/clicked a link/unsubscribed. Your scenario sounds like an edge case where you are switching methods partway through a campaign. Unfortunately since that first email was sent through bulk email we won’t have any way to export the list of opens.