• 16 February 2022
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I use a tool called Grammarly that checks spelling, writing structure, etc.   It is a Chrome extension and works on 99% of any of the platforms that I use that allow for text, email, messaging.

I am having trouble with the tool when I generate emails from within Copper.  It behaves weirdly (e.g. when I accept spelling suggestions, it inserts the word in the wrong place and sometimes deletes the sentence the word appeared in.)

 Am curious if other users are experiencing the same issue.


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3 replies

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Hi @Kevin St. Cyr, that’s strange. I have Grammarly installed but disabled on Copper. Maybe I will enable it and see if I get the same issue.

Does this happen only when you’re composing emails or also when you’re logging activities/notes?

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Only when I compose emails

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Michelle, I apologize for the delay, I just figure out how to access messages :-)

Any resolution on this issue (Grammarly)?  Keep me posted, thank you.