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  • 16 June 2021
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We strongly need to add geo-tracking function app as below:

. Step 1: Sales Supervisor create route for sales rep (normally for full week & full month)
. Step 2: Sales Rep check the route on the app + visit + check-in (mandatory function, must do when inputting a meeting/calls)
. Step 3: Sales Sup receive report the next day on visit rate & GPS accuracy

I sent this request 2 days ago via support center,  Ms. Perri and this page but no response 

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3 replies

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Hi @Bich Ngoc, thank you for the suggestion. We do not have GPS tracking or route planning in our core product; our focus is more on tracking and growing relationships. If this is important to your business, I recommend you look into purpose-made route planning and monitoring software as as Route4me or Onfleet.

Once you have decided on a software to help with your routes, you can look into integrating them into Copper using Zapier or our open API.

Thanks for your suggestion.

In that way, our team will you 2 software CRM and Route4me or Onfleet?


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Hi @Bich Ngoc , that would be correct. You would want to use one of either Route4Me or Onfleet, and then integrate it into Copper.