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We have created an activity called ‘Voice Mail’. It is *not* marked as an interaction (since it was not).

This creates the first problem: copper will not use this in a filter, its just broken.

The ask on my team is, ‘find all the people we have sent a voice mail to in the last 30 days that have not interacted with us’.

so the interacted, we can use the last contacted or inactive days. but we can’t get the last voice mail activity into the table.

This is another use case for the join i mentioned earlier. A join of company->people, a join of people->activity would help.

How can i achieve this objective? without saying “export to csv and solve it somewhere else”, how i can do something that approximates one of these:

  • column of ‘last vm date’, ‘last interaction’, ‘inactive days’ in people, allowing people filters to work
  • people table with a filter saying ‘last vm date >= 30days before now”

Or, another way:

can we get the filters fixed to allow all activity types, rather than just interactions?

can we get the joins working so we can work on 1 table that is 2 joined?

can we get a compound filter?


my workarounds will be very expensive:

  • every day, walk all users, walk all activity of type vm, set a new custom field in the user to ‘last vm date’
  • create a web hook on all activities, receive it, note its a vm, update a record in the person.

the last will be *super* expensive since it would be a full activity stream


the automations do not work since they do not apply to activities.

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