Filter Opportunities by Win Percentage %

  • 13 April 2022
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I want to create a filter to create a view of the opportunities my sales reps have with a 70-90% Win Percentage. That way they can focus on following up on the opportunities with the highest percentage of closing.


How do I do this?

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Hi @andrewbermudez, thanks for posting! I did some testing in my demo account, and also asked my colleagues, and it seems we cannot filter by Win % on Opportunities. I’d like the product team to take a look - would it be ok if I converted this Question thread into an Idea? That way I can make sure they see it.

It is possible to filter on a custom % field. So as a workaround, you could build a custom percentage field and filter off of that. I understand it’s certainly not ideal but at least it’s something that is available now.

Let me know what you think - thanks Andrew!