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  • 1 September 2022
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I’m in sales and need to add a Copper extension to my gmail, so from my mobile, I can relate and add emails to accounts. I spoke with support and they said they don’t have an extension yet from Copper on Gmail/mobile which makes NO sense to me,

When I’m in the field and check my email, I need to be able to disposition those emails and connect them as I’m on the go. Yes, I have the extension on my desktop, but that just creates more work if I have to log into desktop at end of day to sort and connect emails while on the go.

Anybody else run into this roadblock?


1 reply

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Hi @sstorms, thanks for posting. It’s true that we do not have an add-on for the Gmail mobile app. We do have mobile apps for iOS and Android. But I want to make sure I understand the core of your concern.

It sounds like your concern is making sure that emails you send/receive are logged into Copper, and that you don’t end up with a backlog of emails to process at the end of the day. Did I get that correct?

If you are on Gmail, your emails and calendar events will sync automatically. You don’t need to manually process each email to get them into Copper; the automatic syncing happens in the background.

Once a contact is added to Copper, the system will process all future emails between that contact and any of your teammates. It will also process the last year of emails for you.

So if they’re in Copper already, you don’t need to worry about manually syncing. If they’re not in Copper, all you have to do is add them. And you have a few options for doing this on the go, if you have the Copper mobile app:

  1. You can use the Suggested Contacts feature to quickly add contacts you’ve had recent emails with.
  2. You can manually add a new contact (i.e. copy/paste their email into the app).
  3. You can set up an automatic sync with your phone contacts.

Anyways, I hope that helps! Let me know if you need clarification or details on anything.