Can I mass update records using CSV uploader?

  • 30 March 2023
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Anyone know if I can mass update data using the bulk upload e.g. adding an extra tag to recorders using email as the unique identifier? 


Thanks Tim : )

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Hi @triches, yes you can!

It sounds like you’re importing contacts that you want to update?

First, make sure your import sheet has a column for email address. And then have columns for the data you want to add/update. For example, if you only want to add new tags to those contacts, you sheet would have columns for Email and Tag, and nothing else. (Well ok, you can have other columns but you’d select Ignore on them during the import process)

Then go to the importing tool (Settings > Manage Your Data > Import People) and upload your file.

These are the settings I want you to pay attention to:

  • Append tags - this adds the new tags you are importing to the old ones instead of completely replacing them! So make sure you keep this box checked do you don’t accidentally overwrite the previous tags on those contacts.
  • Manage matching records - this tells the system that you want it to find the existing contacts. Make sure this is checked off.
  • Skip / Overwrite - this tells the system how you want it to handle the data for those existing contacts. “Skip” means if the contact exists in Copper already, it’s not going to touch the data - it ignores what you have in the import sheet for that contact. “Overwrite” means it’ll use the data in the import sheet to update that contact. In your case, select Overwrite.
  • Identify matching records by: Email - this tells the system to find those existing contacts using their email address.

In the example above, I’m updating the Industry field on my contacts, and adding a new tag “Spring Conference 2023” (while keeping the old tags)

Hope that helps. Thanks for posting, Tim!