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  • 9 February 2023
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When I select multiple leads or people to receive a bulk email (with the setting Email links open in Gmail), all recipients are listed in the “to” field. Does that mean when it sends, they can all see the other recipients email addresses? Is there a way to automatically bcc all of the people selected to receive the email?

3 replies

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Hi @lash0791, thanks for posting! When you’re doing bulk email, each recipient receives their own separate email. For example, if I am sending a bulk email to 100 contacts, I am actually sending 100 separate emails.

So to answer your question, they cannot see each others’ email addresses, because each contact will receive a completely separate individual email.

You mentioned that all the recipients are listed in the “to” field - can you confirm that it looks like this?

There should be one recipient list in the “To” area, and when you use the < and > buttons on the right side, you can flip between the different individual recipients for your bulk email.

Hi Michelle,

That is true when the email prefences are set to send through Copper, but when I switch it to “Email links open in Gmail” it looks like this:


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@lash0791 gotcha, thanks for the additional details and screenshot. In that case, yes, all those recipients in the “to” field in the Gmail email composer will be in the same email, and will be able to see each other. You could manually drag all the recipients into the BCC box in the email composer, but my suggestion is actually to flip the setting to “Send and reply from Copper” while you set up the bulk email. And then afterwards you can change the setting back. This would save you a lot of time, and those folks will also receive an individual email directly to them instead of just being BCC’d on one group email.

I’ll explain why it works this way below, in case you’re interested.


When you set it to “Email links open in Gmail,” you’re essentially telling the system: any time I need to send an email, pop open Gmail for me and I’ll send it from there. But Gmail cannot send bulk emails. Only Copper can.

That is why, when you have the setting “Email links open in Gmail,” the button for “Bulk Email” actually just says “Send Email” - because as soon as you open up Gmail, it’s just a regular email.


Compare this to how it specifically says “Compose Bulk Email” when you have the setting for “Send and reply from Copper”


Let me know if that helps!