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  • 21 March 2022
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Hi there. We would like to be able to track People and their entire work history which means that we will sometimes have them associated with more than one company. Is there an easy way that anyone uses to track a person’s record and associate it with both their current company AND their past company? Thank you!

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Hey @JSJ,

As you may have found out, you cannot just attach two companies to the same user, however it is still possible to connect the two using our “connect fields”.
I have linked the article below so you can follow along as I explain this further: 

Best practice is to have individual person records for each company that person has worked for so the histories don’t get mixed up from one company to the next, for example: “John Doe at Company A” and “John Doe at Company B” (and so on).

Next, use something like a custom checkbox field to dictate whether or not that person is currently at the company (for clarity and reporting purposes).

Finally, use a connect field to link “John Doe at Company A” and “John Doe at Company B”.

This is how I have my example set up, but you can set it up however you wish, with whatever name you might want to use for the connect fields:

Most current record of John Doe, at his current company (Company C).
The checkbox is unchecked because he’s working at this company.
John Doe’s previous company. John Doe’s record from his current company is listed. 
No Longer Working at Company is checked for clarity since it’s a legacy record.
Same thing here, the current John Doe (at Company C) is showing in this record.
No Longer Working at Company is checked for clarity since it’s a legacy record.

A good thing to note, the checkbox is then filterable for any reports you might want to generate, so that you have the option to exclude legacy people records :)!

Please let me know if this works for you, or if you have any additional questions I may answer regarding this topic.

Hope this helps!