To Do Items In Opportunity Vs Project

  • 23 June 2022
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I’ve run into an issue where I have an opportunity with a task. I’ve also created a project associated with that opportunity. But I’m finding I duplicate to-do items. I have the same to do items in the project and in the opportunity. I like the board view of the project, but the to do items don’t sync to the opportunity. 

Is there a way to have them sync or should I try a different work flow?

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Hi @DanThor, thanks for posting! It sounds like you have a Project (with nested Tasks)  in addition to individual Tasks for that Opportunity.

When you have a Project associated with an Opportunity/Company/etc, the entire Project is associated and the Tasks stay nested inside. So yes, you would need to click into the Project to see its Tasks - they will not be associated directly to the Opportunity.

You mentioned that you like the Project’s board view but you also want the Tasks to be directly related to the Opportunity. Unfortunately, you will have to choose between one or the other. We don’t have a way to associate a Project’s nested Tasks directly to an Opportunity. I recommend you post that as an Idea so that our Product team use it for future consideration.

Let me know if that’s helpful and if you have any questions 🙂