[Webinar Recording] ☕ Coffee with Copper: Working with pipelines

  • 29 June 2023
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[Webinar Recording] ☕ Coffee with Copper: Working with pipelines
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Our latest Coffee with Copper recording is here and this was one hot session 🔥 Our live chat was blowing up with all your burning questions. After watching this recording, we hope you’re excited to power up your pipelines for the remainder of this year 🚀

In this webinar, we dive into Copper pipelines. Many customers are using pipelines to boost their sales performance, but did you know they can also be used for renewal, upsell and project management flows as well? 

We start out the webinar by covering the basics including what are pipelines, and how opportunities live within them 🔍 In short, a pipeline represents a repeatable business flow within your organization, and opportunities represent deals or customer relationships that flow through each stage in your pipeline. In this recording, we share a few examples of different stages we’ve seen customers use. 

Next we chat about how exactly to go about setting up your pipeline. If this is your first pipeline, you’ll be prompted to start from scratch or choose from one of our preloaded templates. If this is an additional pipeline, you can either start from scratch, use a template, or duplicate an existing pipeline (no need to reinvent the wheel 😅). 

If you need some inspiration, we’ve put together a handy guide of 12 custom pipeline ideas for you to get started.

We also cover how to use pipelines for project management. From this perspective, your pipeline would represent the process a project needs to move through, and your opportunities represent a project you’re working on. As your project progresses, you drag and drop your opportunities between stages 👆

Check out our full guide on how to use pipelines for project management with pro tips and examples — available here.

During the remainder of the session, Copper expert Chris demos a few key features of Copper pipelines, including:

  • Creating new opportunities
  • Using opportunity statuses
  • Using pipelines’s search
  • Slipping opportunities and top opportunities functionality
  • Customizing opportunity cards
  • Creating tasks on opportunities
  • Filtering opportunities
  • Custom fields on opportunities
  • Using workflow automation to generate tasks at specific stages and cloning opportunities from one pipeline to another 
  • Reporting on pipeline performance

If you want to follow along with Chris’s workflow automation examples, check out this handy article we’ve put together.

Finally, we wrap the session with a live Q&A. If you have any questions about pipelines, please post them in the comments below ⬇️

Our next Coffee with Copper is happening on Tuesday, September 26 at 11am PST / 2pm EST where we’ll demo the upcoming new list views experience. Register here.


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