[Webinar Recording] Copper Product Pulse - May 2024

[Webinar Recording] Copper Product Pulse - May 2024


Hey Copper Community 👋 

Our latest Product Pulse webinar recording is here and we took a slightly different spin on this session 👀 Our product team walked through an end-to-end demo of our Pipelines feature, from managing a sales workflow all the way to project delivery and more. If you haven’t considered Pipelines for projects, it’s time to take a look — we might just have you ready to wave goodbye to your current project management tools, and hello to consolidated customer experience flows in Copper 👏

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For a seamless flow between revenue and non-revenue processes, we’ve made significant updates to our Pipelines including:

👉 All new and customizable Pipeline templates to begin capturing and managing unique customer flows in minutes.

👉 The ability to remove revenue tracking from existing project Pipelines to transition your flows and continue working with your tailored processes.

👉 The introduction of “Project” and “Item” record types in Pipelines for flexibility when managing more than sales.

👉 The ability to instantly duplicate a record from one Pipeline to another as a customer progresses through their journey with you — without any repetitive data entry. 

👉 Alternate Pipeline statuses to better reflect the nature of non-sales processes, including: Open, Won’t Do, On Hold and Done. 


We cover all of the above ⬆️ in a quick use-case demo with our product team. Here’s a recording recap so you can jump to the topics most important to you: 

  • Our vision for Pipelines in Copper - 2:21 to 3:37
  • End-to-end demo kickoff - 4:25
  • Overview of a projects Pipeline in Copper - 5:54 to 9:05
  • Moving an opportunity in a sales Pipeline over to a project Pipeline - 9:06 to 11:43
  • How project Pipelines are related on the Company record - 11:44 to 14:49
  • How to create a project Pipeline - 15:28 to 17:55
  • How to duplicate an existing Pipeline - 17:55 to 18:11
  • How to transition an existing Pipeline to a project Pipeline by removing revenue tracking - 18:13 to 18:59
  • BONUS 🎉 Sneak peek at the new look and more coming to Pipelines - 20:55 to 22:09

🌟 As mentioned during the session, we’re really excited about the adoption we’ve seen from customers who had additional team members on products like Asana, Monday.com and Trello to deliver projects. Visibility into customer communications is a critical part of project management, and they’ve seen huge value by getting all their users onto Copper. Yet, we know a one-size-fits-all pricing model might not work to make this transition. If you’re interested in bringing more users onto Copper, email us at sales@copper.com. We’d love to chat and provide flexible pricing options that works for you.

Whether you’re new to Copper, a longtime customer or still checking it out, we hope you’re excited to explore the possibilities our flexible pipelines feature can bring to your business.  

If you have feedback or questions, please share it in the comments section below ⬇️

See you next time, 

Melanie at Copper


Hi Copper team! Great webinar -- I’ve been looking forward to the updated pipeline board view for a few years now. Can you share when the update will launch?

Hi @billvogel3 We actually have some updates coming the end of this week into next week so stay tuned. We’ll post in the Product Updates on Community as the updates roll out!