October 22nd 2021 - New in Copper

October 22nd 2021 - New in Copper

New from Copper


Chrome Extension


Introducing Copper in Google Calendar

Big news: We’ve made the Copper Chrome extension fully and natively integrated with Google Calendar 🗓️️. Now you can stop switching tabs, screens and apps, hunting down information you need for all of the items on your Calendar. 

In one click, you and your team have instant access to enriched contextual information around all of your Calendar events, so you’re always prepared for your next meeting — and know exactly how to follow up.

The Copper Chrome extension in Google Calendar will allow you to: 

Arrive effortlessly prepared to every prospect and client interaction

Look up event details, notes, participants and materials directly from Google Calendar without breaking your workflow.

Grow your network faster, in a way that makes sense 

Add new leads and update old ones based on your email conversations and Copper suggestions.

Find more peace of mind in your workday. 

Bring more organization and understanding to your relationships in Workspace. 

Don’t have the Copper Chrome extension yet? Download it here.




Search Google Drive on iOS

We’ve made adding files from Google Drive to Copper on iOS 📱even easier! You can save time adding valuable files to Copper by searching 🔍for a file. Before, you had to navigate through your Google Drive folders to find and add files to Copper.

This feature is currently available for iOS only, however we will be releasing for Android very soon. Stay tuned!



We’re busy crushing bugs 🪲 in our iOS and Android mobile apps.

Mobile Auto Sync for Contacts - We’ve disabled Auto Sync in the latest release of both our Android and iOS apps. We identified a 🔁loop that can occur for customers who use 1-way Google Contacts Sync, manually import Google Contacts, and have the Mobile Auto Sync feature enabled. This has loop can result in duplicate contacts being created. We will re-enable the feature once we’ve fixed the loop and removed the duplicates contacts. 


Copper Community

Last week, Copper was featured at Google Cloud Next '21

We’ve had some great discussions about best practices for Copper inside Google Workspace, and we are looking for more suggestions on how we can expand our Google integration in our Ideas💡forums. Come join the conversation!

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