Product Update

March 25, 2021 - New in Copper

We've just updated the way that we handle release notes.  You'll start seeing more regular updates here as we improve Copper!

Performance Improvements

We are actively working on performance issues in-app.  In this week's release,  we’ve made some changes to the initial page load that reduce the time to load. Behind the scenes, we’ve also made improvements to the way that our application works that should have resolved the degradation in performance that some users noticed over the last few weeks. We're continuing to focus on this to improve the speed of the application. Stay tuned for updates.

User Experience

We’re focussing on our user experience and will be making improvements here over the coming months.  In this week’s release, we have improved a few things in Projects, List Views and the Activity Feed.

  • Bulk Updates in List View for Multi-Select Fields: When performing a bulk edit to update a multi-select dropdown list, the items you chose will be appended to the existing values instead of overwritten.

  • Workflow Automation Tags Append: When updating tags in Workflow Automation we’ve updated the way this works to now append rather than overwrite so that all existing tags will remain intact when the rule executes.

  • Activity Feed: When replying to an email in-app the compose area is now always open by default.


These bugs are items specifically raised by you, that we have fixed.  This week we have addressed issues related to DocuSign integration, Email sync from Gmail, Duplicate email Clean up from 2-Way Contact Sync, a few CRX issues, Webhooks & WFA Improvements.

  • DocuSign: Fixed issues around the signer field and in envelope creation error.

  • Gmail: Fixed an issue where emails from Gmail were not syncing for specific users. 

  • Email Tracking Icon in GMail: Fixed an issue where the email tracking icon on the email in Gmail was showing incorrect numbers.  Also resolved an issue where Copper reminder emails were not showing the task in our Extension when you opened the email.

  • Webhooks: Webhooks will now continue to work when the API key is changed.  

  • Workflow Automation: Updated the trigger options order to help users select the best trigger type when creating rules.  Also optimized some of the rules behind the scenes to improve performance.



I have some issues with the task syncing functionnalies in Copper.

When I create my task in Copper, it doesn’t show on my Google calendar and vice versa.

Although I create my task related to an existing contact, with a correct email address, and the task syncing option has been checked.

I followed all the steps mentioned on this link but it doesn’t work :


Do you know if it is a bug?





Hello @Dorine.S - Sorry to hear you are having some difficulties. I opened a support ticket on your behalf so they can check into this for you. They will respond to you through that channel. If your issue is no resolved in a timely manner feel free to respond to me here and I will make sure someone has eyes on it.

Hi Ken!


Many thanks  for that!

Is there a way to increase the speed of the email sync? It appears mine is syncing once an hour or something like that. I’m new to using Copper actively and am looking to stay in the app. However, the email is updating too slowly.

What do you recommend?

Hello, @HakimDyer 

There are a lot of factors influencing the sync time - server loads, Google themselves, etc. It will fluctuate, but if you see that the sync times are very consistent in the >1 hour range then please let the support team know through the in-app chat. Sorry for the inconvenience but perhaps the Support team can investigate.