June 18th, 2021 - New in Copper


We’ve made further performance improvements to Opportunities by loading some of the different elements on the page concurrently.



We’ve continuing to improve the usability List Views. There’s more to come here in the next few weeks too.

  • List Views:  Prev/Next Buttons on Full page View: Now you can work your way through lists much more easily without having to navigate back to the list view. Previous and next navigation is now available on records you navigate to from list views.



We’re back to crushing mobile bugs in both our iOS and Android apps as well as those bugs 🐞 that you’re letting us know about elsewhere in our web apps and extensions.

  • Filters: Fixed an issue where some users were not able to view private and public filtered views based on their access in the system

  • Email Sequences (business tier only): Fixed an issue where accounts were being cancelled immediately if they disabled auto-renew. Now accounts will remain active until they reach the expiry date of service.

  • Opportunities: Resolved an issue where the primary contact was not displaying on initial setup of the opportunity card.

  • Mobile: Fixed an iOS bug when switching between different pipelines. The list view will now be refreshed to opportunities that belong to the current pipeline.

  • Mobile: Fixed an iOS bug where the sort display name wasn't being cleared from the sort button after the option was deselected.

  • Mobile: Fixed a bug with iOS where leads couldn’t be deleted.

  • Mobile: Resolved a bug where iOS push notifications were not being shown.

  • Mobile: Fixed an issue with the feedback form for both Android and iOS.

  • Mobile: Resolved a case where unchecked tasks couldn’t be created in the Android app.

  • Mobile: Fixed a bug where some files added from the Android app were not showing up in the related section.

  • Mobile: Fixed bugs related to incorrect colors being applied within the app.

  • Reports: Users now get feedback that a deleted dashboard they are trying to navigate to no longer exists.


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 List Views: Prev/Next Buttons on Full page View

My friends… These UX improvements the team is making are top-notch! I’d love to personally thank whoever is leading this charge over at the @Copper Product Team - Keep it coming!

  • Would love keyboard shortcuts to easily jump forward/backward from within the record like Gmail and many other clients allow (Like in Gmail, “J” is for “Next” and “K” is for “Previous”):
New Prev/Next Buttons In Full Page View


Shortcut showing Gmail (& Superhuman) - Muscle memory already created for your users
  • Noticed that this also works if you visit an opportunity from the listview, though curious if it could also be added to when you click into an opportunity from the Board view (as that’s usually the view people keep Opportunities in)

Also appreciate the bug fixes on mobile, as a few have cropped up in recent time :slight_smile: