Product Update

July 16th, 2021 - New in Copper

Hi Copper Community, here’s our product update for July 16th 2021!



We’ve added more capabilities to allow you to report on custom fields.

  • You can now configure custom fields for Person, Company, Opportunity, Project, and Task records.



We’re continuing to improve overall usability of Copper.

  • Search:  You can now quickly and easily search on Name, Email, Company Domain, and Phone number from the top search bar.

    • Access to a full page of search results is still available by hitting the Enter key. These results are from a deeper search across all fields and activities.

    • We’ve also added a slight delay to when we start to search which isn’t noticeable to users but it means we perform less requests on our servers and so results are quicker for us all.

  • Full search: The full search results page now displays quick record filters across the top for easy selection, better organization, and improved readability.

  • Mobile search filters: Search filters are now also included in our mobile application.

  • Activity feed: We removed the duplicate emoji option from the bottom of the activity card within the activity feed. You can still access the emoji option from the top of the activity card.

  • Projects: We updated the full-page icon in the preview panel when viewing a project to redirect to the board view.

  • List views: We updated the List View selection dropdown to be more discoverable in the user interface.


Let us know in the comments what you think of these items and post in the Ideas section if you have any suggestions!

Will Custom Fields on Leads be included in Reports at any stage?

Yes, they should have gone out in this release and should be available in your account now @DavidM 

Will multi-select and date fields ever be included in future reports?  We find both of these fields critical to our reporting and without them, unfortunately, we just can’t justify moving our reporting over from Data Studios.  This is a big time disappointment.