January 28th 2022 - Developer API enhancements

January 28th 2022 - Developer API enhancements

This week, we’ve introduced updates to our developer API, and tackled bugs in our Google Chrome extension, in-app email and mobile apps.


Developer API 🔌

Computed custom field values 🔠

On the Developer API, any eligible endpoint that returns custom fields can now also return with their corresponding text values, using a new optional parameter.

When an entity with custom fields is returned, by default the option IDs would need to be mapped to their corresponding labels via a call to GET /v1/custom_field_definitions, causing an extra request to be made. To reduce HTTP traffic, you can now add an optional query param custom_field_computed_values=true to any eligible endpoints that return custom fields in order to retrieve the custom field's "computed_value".

Existing API connections that do not use the new param will continue to operate as normal. For more information, review our Copper Developer API documentation.


Bugs 🐞


Google Chrome extension 🌐

  • We resolved an issue with our Google Chrome extension in Google Calendar, which caused some customers to receive an error message when logging in.

In-app email

  • We resolved two issues when sending emails while using the previous and next feature to navigate between multiple records in full screen view. The issue caused emails to be sent to the incorrect recipient and merge fields not updating correctly.
  • We resolved an issue with bulk email where merge fields were not populating when navigating through people during bulk email preview. 

Copper mobile apps 📱

  • We resolved a bug on our Android app where automatic call and SMS logging was not being logged as an activity if the phone number had gaps or spaces.
  • We resolved a bug on our iOS app where some users were being logged out each time they closed the app. 
  • We fixed an issue on our iOS app where the app would crash when changing from one pipeline with fewer stages into another pipeline with more stages.
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