February 25th, 2022 - File preview actions, Pipeline setup flow and mobile app onboarding

February 25th, 2022 - File preview actions, Pipeline setup flow and mobile app onboarding

This week, we’re introducing new file preview actions, a new setup flow for Pipelines and mobile app onboarding for first-time users. As always, we squashed some bugs as well!

Coming soon: New file preview actions 📑

When you’re working with files attached to records, we’ll be adding additional options in the next few weeks:

  • Click to preview: When hovering over files, you can now preview the file in a new browser tab. Previously, clicking the title would download the file by default.

  • New Action Icons: We’ve added three new icons to the right of files, which allow you to download files, get more information, or remove the file from the record.

New File Preview Actions


Coming soon: Pipeline setup flow 🪄

We’ll soon be making it more intuitive to create new pipelines in Copper! When you create a new pipeline, you’ll be greeted by a new setup flow that will ask you to name your pipeline and stages. An animation will show you what your new Pipeline will look like once you’ve saved it.

“Setup Your Pipeline”

If you need to set team and win percentages in your pipeline, this can be done by editing your pipeline after creating it. We’re rolling out a pipeline creation flow to all customers over the next few weeks.


Mobile app onboarding ✨

We’ve introduced a new onboarding experience that appears when you download our mobile app for the first time.


Don’t have our mobile app yet? Download it now on Google Play or the Apple App Store!

">Bugs 🐞

  • In the iOS app, we’ve fixed an issue where some users could not add new comment threads, and a bug where notes on the activity feed were being cut off.

  • In the Android app, we’ve made our automatic call logging more flexible by supporting numbers that contain special characters. We’ve also fixed a bug where users were unable to convert Leads to Person records.

  • In the Copper web app, we fixed two broken links in the menu: the “Mobile Apps” link directs to a new page on our homepage, and “Send Feedback” now directs to the Ideas page on Copper Community.

Awesome to see the updates coming to the "files" area! Curious how this experience will change for folders linked from Google Drive? Nothing changing?

Hoping to be able to link a Google Drive Doc/Folder via the API one day, instead of only being able to upload a file via the API. Love how Copper <> Google Drive work together, would love to be able to access that via the API as well though :)


Great, having to download the file to see it was a bad experience,

Hopefully soon they will also correct the error of the URLs, since currently when you enter one in an activity it is as plain text and you have to use "[]( )" for it to work , is the first CRM that we use that has this problem, something that would also improve the UX a lot would be to be able to add Fields to the activities, such as time, tests. this would definitely help us better measure our KPIs

@alex hm that’s a good question about the files. I’ll have to ask the product manager. I’ll pass along your note about linking files via API - I know we have an open Idea about it.

@SearchParra Great, glad the file preview will improve your experience! Regarding the hyperlinks - that’s great feedback. We have an open Idea about that feature - if upvote that Idea thread we’ll @mention you in any updates for it.