Email Sequences is now Marketing Tools!

Email Sequences is now Marketing Tools!

Our email sequences product launched earlier this year, and we’ve been hard at work adding additional features to help you engage with your leads and customers. We’ve recently re-named the “Email Sequences” section to “Marketing Tools” inside Copper.

Email Sequences is now called Marketing Tools

We’ve also re-named some areas of Marketing Tools as well, with “Campaigns” becoming “Sequences” and “Contacts” becoming “Segments”.


What’s included in Marketing Tools?


Here’s some of the functionality our Marketing Tools feature provides:

App connector

The app connector lets you automatically create contacts in Copper from web form fills. You can currently integrate Wix forms and Wordpress forms, with additional apps coming soon!

Email sequences

Email sequence campaigns allow you to automatically send personalized emails to your Copper contacts. It’s a powerful way to connect with your Copper contacts. You can automatically send emails based on lead status or tags, send multiple emails that are sent out at custom intervals, and can track clicks, replies and unsubscribes.

Web tracking

Web tracking notifies you when leads visit your website and when they appear ready to buy. You can also learn which traffic sources and web pages lead to purchases.

Lead scoring

Lead scoring helps you identify your most engaged leads by adding a score to each contact based on their visits to your website, and engagement from your email sequences.


Marketing Tools are available to customers on our Business plan. Interested in learning more? Reach out to our sales team at!

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