Meet LifeNow: See how this video production agency manages client projects worldwide using Copper

  • 31 January 2024
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Meet LifeNow: See how this video production agency manages client projects worldwide using Copper
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Our customer LifeNow is still relatively new to Copper, but since joining they’ve seen a world of difference in how they’re able to manage their client projects. Their focus is pretty specialized; LifeNow produces multiple settlement and trial documentary projects at the same time, across various locations. Since each project involves many people and lots of moving pieces, being able to track corresponding project details from the road — while also keeping their appointments straight across different time zones — is vital. 

Here’s a quick look at how they’re using Copper to capture every minute detail of a project as it progresses, and a few of the key features helping them stay on track: 


Daily reminders

Prior to Copper, the LifeNow team was using multiple tools to manage their to-dos. Now, the Copper reminders that automatically populate for the team each day are a lifesaver. Whether it’s in the app on their daily dashboard, visible in their Gmail or Calendar via the Chrome extension, or via the daily email digests that Copper sends each day, the team loves the at-a-glance overview of what’s in the works. 


Notes in Opportunities 

Every detail matters when working on a sensitive project like a settlement documentary. From the moment the team receives an inquiry, they’re tracking those communications immediately. They’ll add a new prospect directly to Copper from the email they’ve received using the Chrome extension. Then, once they get on a call with the potential client, they begin taking copious notes on the Opportunity record linked to this contact — from who referred the case, to the name of the law firm involved, and all the experts they’ll engage on the project. The Opportunity is then tied to a calendar event that will surface these project details. 


Pipelines for end-to-end project tracking

From there, the bulk of the team’s daily work happens in Pipelines. Once an Opportunity is created, it moves through a series of stages that track the project all the way from initial inquiry to completion of the mediation or trial (once the documentary has been delivered). The team manages separate pipelines for mediation and trial since these two documentary formats have slightly different processes. 


Google Calendar Integration 

Copper’s native integration with Google Calendar has made project leader Mitchell’s life much easier. He relies heavily on his calendar to coordinate travel and keep track of his various appointments with experts and clients across the country. Mitchell’s number one challenge was keeping his time zones straight for all his interviews. Now, once a shoot is scheduled, Mitchell accesses all of the project information from Copper. With Google managing these appointments, he’s confident the scheduled time is accurate. 


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