Meet Entreprenista: A media powerhouse tracking relationships with Copper

  • 30 March 2023
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Meet Entreprenista: A media powerhouse tracking relationships with Copper
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Introducing Entreprenista ✨, a media organization that delivers female-focused entrepreneurship resources, support and community. Relationships are at the core of their content and brand, and their partnerships team uses Copper to track and manage these critical connections.


Within Copper, Entreprenista uses:

  • A custom Partnerships Pipeline that brings potential partners through stages from initial contact and intro call all the way to becoming an official Entreprenista partner

  • Copper’s Gmail integration to automatically log emails between teammates and contacts

  • Activity logs for tracking additional calls and notes, helping enrich the communication history for each contact

  • A set of saved filters for quick and easy segmentation


CRM wasn’t always so easy for Caitlin Stower, Entreprenista's Director of Partnerships. She’s used both Copper and another major CRM software in the past, and talks about why Copper is her CRM system of choice:

  • It’s way more user-friendly

  • It’s simple to set up; no external consultants or service packages needed

  • Filters are easy to set up and use

  • The support team is always there to help with questions


Caitlin and Entreprenista are now expanding their use of Copper with email sequences, reporting and integrations. 🚀 

👉 Read the full Entreprenista case study here! 👈

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