Copper Inspiration Series: Park People

  • 13 January 2022
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Copper Inspiration Series: Park People
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Looking to get closer to nature in 2022? Well this week we’re enjoying the great outdoors (or maybe just appreciating from afar if it’s winter where you are ❄) with Park People. As champions of Canada’s city parks, they call on the power of local green space to improve the quality of urban life. That’s definitely a green mission we can get behind 💪

Operating in 46 Canadian cities and supported by 23,000 volunteers, Park People helps build stronger communities, healthier environments and resilient cities through local parks. As reported In their recent city parks report: 

83% of Canadians said parks had a positive impact on their sense of connection to nature during the pandemic 🌱

Park People works with local community groups, nonprofits, park professionals and fundraisers in their mission to improve the health, economy, ecology and social belonging of Canadians through the potential of parks.

In June 2022, Park People will host the third national Park People Conference bringing together park champions to collaborate on and accelerate the power of parks. 

To learn more or get involved, visit their website:


If you’re a Copper customer and would like to share your story of enacting positive change in the world, direct message me here :sparkling_heart:

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