Is anyone else finding Copper Contact Syncing to Google Contacts (1-way sync) a headache?

  • 26 September 2023
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If you have used the Google Contacts 1-way Sync please join this conversation! I would love to get your feedback. I have been using it and it seems really unstable. It took over a week for 4000 contacts to be synced from Copper to my Google Contacts. Even after that small changes (updating a phone number) took days, which renders it effectively useless. The data also does not seem to match from one to the other platform. I have asked Copper about but they dont seem to have much info as to why the sync is so slow and unpredictable. I did get the response that Copper cant predict what its servers are doing on any given day so they cant predict the sync timing - which is concerning bc then there is no way to know when anything will sync. This is obviously an issue for retaining Copper as your SSOT for contacts, which logically it should be so you arent trying to maintain dual contact databases. Thoughts??

8 replies

I have had the same issue. ~1000 contacts, days to sync. Not helpful. Copper can do better.

Same here, I added a phone number in a contact 3 days ago, still not updated in google contacts

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we gave up.


Hi I am new to copper and trying to sync my google contacts with no luck.  It seems this is the first step to getting to use their product… So far after a 2 hours I have manually input 20 contacts😫


 I’ve been trying to get them to help out but so far Ive only got an active ticket case number with no response or solution….


Is it just me or is Copper customer support non existent?  Are people still using their product?

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im concerned as well. i have tried adding their ceo on linkedin, but no response their either.


So no update from copper on my side.  Although I was able to figure out how to import my google contacts, you must make sure they are selected and in your contacts folder under google contact.  But still have the issue that none of my previous email communications with the contacts are linked to the contacts.  Still only have 20 contacts synced with the emails that we have communicated on together, not sure whats wrong with the other 800 contacts?  

@Copper Product Team can you provide some insight here? This is clearly a major issue - its a contact management database that doesnt seem to have good contact management functionality (syncing).

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Hi all,

Thank you for your feedback and appreciate people’s patience here.  We’re currently investigating the Google Contact Sync issue (and overall performance), and have made some changes to improve the syncing time that will rollout next week.  Separately, we are seeing errors sometimes occur from the Google Contacts side when we attempt to update or add Copper contacts to Google Contacts via the 1-way sync system.  That is currently being investigated as well.  We’ll follow up when we’ve made more headway there.